-Please check the step by step procedure below to get started creating a new vidscratch campaign:-

  •  Once you are logged in, click on the 'Create campaign' button which is on the left side of the page on Dashboard.

Step 1--Name your campaign:

  •  Add the campaign name.

  •  Select campaign type from the dropdown.

  •  Optional- Select client name from the dropdown, if you are an Agency customer to create a campaign for your clients. 

  • After that select height and width of your vidscratch as per requirement.then just click on the next step.

Step 2--Customize:

  • In scratch screen tab you can see text, background, cursor, emoji,

Shapes, animation, upload and youzgin option.user can add an option in the scratch screen as per requirement.

  • And you can add audio, win probability settings for your vidscratch and also stop play again settings.

  • After that in the lose screen tab, you can see text, background, emoji, icon, shapes option.user can add this option as per requirement.

  • In win/optin screen users can see headlines, video, images, multiple price options with terms and conditions and GDPR settings.

  • In win/optin screen users can use all options as per requirement.

  • After that users can select integration and connect with us. win/optin and integration options depend on Optin ON/OFF button.

  • Then the user can create their thank you screen.

Step 3--Finish and Embed

  • Users can see their vidscratch final preview and also embed code is ready for sharing for different platforms. Just copy and share it.

  • User can see the overview of how to create vidscratch, see below video tutorial link;

  •  https://player.vimeo.com/video/366408961